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Your bracelet is handmade by Jennifer, using a variety of beads selected especially for you. You can see a photo of your bracelet before it is sent to you, or you can request a surprise. 


Heart Mind & Soldier Yoga bracelets are made with real stone beads, designed to wear during yoga classes, to fill up and charge with goodness and prana, as you move and meditate, so you can take your good vibes and energy along with you as you continue to wear your bracelet through your week. 

The Yoga Bracelets are handmade for you with beautiful elements, including:

Heart - 💗 rose quartz beads for universal love and peace
Mind - 💫Howlite beads to relieve an overactive, overburdened mind
Soldier -💂 Picasso stone beads to encourage loyalty, strength and comradeship

The beads are held together with bright rainbow coloured elastic cord, tied with a Hercules knot, for a comfortable fit.

Yoga Bracelet - Heart Mind & Soldier

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