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One to One
Voice Coaching

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Corporate Voice Confidence Workshop

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Your Yoga Nidra Gift
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The Vocal Magic Programme

Find & Free Your Voice

I have always been a passionate communicator. I love to sing, I love to present and speak in public. I've a real interest in language and communication. I read Linguistics & English Language at Lancaster University, with a year abroad at Carleton University in Canada. I then completed a Masters Degree in Publish at the Oxford International Centre for Publishing. 

You can find and free your authentic voice too, to become your best communicator! Look out for The Vocal Magic Programme, which will be launching later in 2024...

I also offer limited spaces for one to one coaching sessions, to help you practice public speaking, a poetry reading, wedding speech, or workplace presentation. 

Did you know that beautiful blue colours can help to energise our throat chakras, to send blue beams of confidence from ourselves out into the world. Wear blue for that important presentation... honestly it will work wonders. 

Remember you are amazing... you got this... you deserve this...

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