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Lessons to live by

Your Yoga Community 

Yoga Membership is £21 a month, for unlimited Yoga classes from the following weekly sessions. 

You are welcome to attend as many as you would like.


Weekly Online
Yoga Class

This is the yoga class to be at!
It takes place each Monday at 20:30-21:10. 
This class is a fantastic start of the week stretch, using Hatha yoga to connect your breathe and your movement, with Yin postures included to deepen your physical and mindful experience.


Yoga Nidra Meditation

This popular meditation session takes place on Mondays, at 21:30-22:00.
It brings you a beautiful weekly reset. It captures a combination of slowing down, lowering your heart rate, calming your 'fight or flight' parasympathetic nervous system, and literally giving yourself 30 minutes to rest and digest down to a cellular level.

Your Yoga Nidra Gift
00:00 / 30:01

Yoga Love & Joy







Like you're balanced, 

Open as your clarity heightens.

Velvet touch, your love is light.

Eternal sun beams out from within you,


Journey from East to West, you rise, and you set. 

Over, under, over under, with every rise and every fall, 

You're more courageous somehow ♡

Jennifer Jones

Yoga Nidra
21 Day
Better Sleep Challenge


Giving you such a deeper sleep night after night


Refreshing your bedtime routine and sleep space


Helping you to feel calm each day


Contributing to your overall happiness


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