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Heart Mind & Soldier 
Yoga Poetry Voice

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My Story

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A Life of Balance

Hey, I'm Jennifer. I am a Yoga Wellbeing Coach.

Heart Mind & Soldier is my amazing brand, combining love, mindfulness and strength. 

I can help you feel your best self, with

weekly Yoga for your heart and mind. 

In October 2023, my book - Poetry Songbook, Write your way to happiness - was published. 

This was a life goal, though Poetry Songbook has done really well which is a bonus,

 achieving Amazon Bestseller status in both Love Poems & Contemporary Poetry.


Yoga Love & Joy







Like you're balanced, 

Open as your clarity heightens.

Velvet touch, your love is light.

Eternal sun beams out from within you,


Journey from East to West, you rise, and you set. 

Over, under, over under, with every rise and every fall, 

You're more courageous somehow ♡

A Poem from Poetry Songbook

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