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POETRY SONGBOOK, Write Your Way To Happiness

by Jennifer Mary Jones

Do you ever dream of writing?

Do you wish to connect with your imagination, to feel more creative, calm, and confident?

Poetry Songbook is a magic gem, gifting you with imagination and inspiration, filling you up with healing love and light.


This poetry journal is a graceful and refreshing exploration of the life phases of the human condition. By helping you create poetry as you read, it enables you to experience becoming a writer.

It is your time to write your way to happiness...

"Jennifer has put her heart and soul into creating this beautiful book. I finished it in two sittings, reading many of her lovely poems twice! As she takes us along her journey, curiosity, joy and positivity shines through. A very interesting and uplifting read".
"I haven’t written poetry in 30 years but when I got this book I wrote non stop for three hours!! A lovely mix of Jennifer’s own work and prompts for the writer to get you going. I found myself absorbed and really inspired to write. Beautiful".
"I adore this book, it is so heartfelt with beautiful poetry that spans the authors life. Each poem also comes with poetry prompts to inspire the audience. A charming read that I couldn't put down".

Author Biography

Jennifer Mary Jones is a lifelong poet, a spoken word artist, singer, yoga coach, and dedicated military wife. Jennifer grew up on the idyllic Isle of Man, in the British Isles, surrounded by nature and the sea, raised by her Scottish mother and English father. She lives a happy life with her husband William and their dogs Wilma and Jessie.

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